A native English language speaker based in the United Kingdom, Bianca Marsden-Day of BMM Language Services provides precise and accurate translations of material from Swedish, German, French and Italian into English and an editing and proofreading service for websites and other written material in English.

She also undertakes projects involving website maintenance.

If you have a product, message or information to communicate that is in any of these languages, and you would also like to convey it in English, BMM Language Services can help you.

Any subject matter can be considered for translation, editing or proofreading.



Translation and Proofreading

Business documents

Reports and minutes of meetings

Web content

Marketing, PR and Advertising

News, politics and current affairs

Tourism, travel and lifestyle

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Highest Quality Service

Bianca Marsden-Day is a Chartered Linguist (CL – Translator) with an MA in Audiovisual Translation and experience in translation, editing and proofreading in a variety of subject areas gathered over a period of more than 30 years. Your material will be dealt with to the highest standard of quality, accuracy and confidentiality by someone with an eye for detail in both language and presentation. Translations are normally provided as electronic files. Material submitted for editing or proofreading can be dealt with either electronically or otherwise as agreed. All information and material received will be treated as confidential.

Audiovisual Work

Translation of subtitles for documentaries, drama, feature films and corporate marketing products

Transcription of audiovisual material

On Time Delivery

BMM Language Services’ policy is to ensure that all projects undertaken are completed on time and that communication between translator and client is efficient and straightforward.


Website texts for a university (Swedish to English translation)

Machine translation post-editing of conference captions (English)

Website texts for a professional organisation (Swedish to English translation)

Annual report for a consulting company (Swedish to English translation)

Proofreading of a book (English)

Internal corporate policy documents (Swedish to English translation)

Quality control of film feature subtitles (Swedish to English translation)

Hospital equipment marketing material (revision of German to English translation)

Tourism marketing texts (revision of German to English translation)

Accident report (Italian to English translation)

Recipe and menu texts (Swedish to English translation)

Translation of fairy tales (Swedish to English translation)



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